High Performance FPGA-based Image Processing Accelerator on AWS F1

CTAccel Image Processor for AWS Cloud(hereinafter referred to briefly as CIP for AWS Cloud) is available as an Amazon Machine Image on the Amazon Web Services Community AMIs. CIP for AWS Cloud is an FPGA-based image processing acceleration solution that can help you greatly improve the performance of image processing by transferring computational work-load from CPU to FPGA.

Application Scenarios

CTAccel provides rich solutions for customers who have image processing requests. And they can be used in many application scenarios, such as JPEG thumbnail, Sharpen, Main color, Watermark, Brightness-Contrast and so on.


CIP for AWS Cloud can benefit you by increasing image processing throughput, reducing computational latency and reducing TCO.

➢ Improve the Throughput by 10x

➢ Reduce Latency by 10x

➢ Reduce TCO by 3x


Quick Start of CTAccel Image Processor ( JPEG ) for AWS Cloud

Quick Start of CTAccel Image Processor ( Lepton ) for AWS Cloud


Contact :info@ct-accel.com   Amazon Web Services Community AMIs